Director USANCA
COL Tina M. Schoenberger
Deputy Director USANCA
Mr. Thomas F. Moore
Mission Statement
Mission: Increase the Army and Joint Force’s lethality and operational survivability by providing Nuclear and Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction (CWMD) expertise and analysis to inform Strategic Guidance, Plans and Policy; as well as Operational and Strategic Headquarters. On order, deploys Nuclear Employment Augmentation Teams (NEAT) to support Army and Joint Force Commanders.
Vision:  Enhance the Army’s ability to fight and win in a CBRN contaminated environment.
Core Functions

  1. Integrate nuclear weapon effects into joint operations.                 
  2. Integrate nuclear deterrence, CWMD, and CBRN defense policy, planning and readiness requirements.
  3. Lead the Army CBRN survivability program.
  4. Manage the Army Reactor Program.
  5. Fulfill proponent functions for FA52 and ASI 5H (Nuclear Target Analyst).
  6. Increase interoperability with joint and multinational forces in CBRN environments.